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1. Can we get a no-obligation evaluation of my practice's medical billing?
2. Can you work with our practice on a consulting basis to oversee and help maintain the quality of our medical billing?
3. I'm a new practice. Do I need a claim management system already in place for you to work with us?
4. What is the turnaround time for your coding process?
5. How do I know you won't miss a claim?
6. How long is the setup process for a new practice?
7. Are there any additional fees with your medical billing services?
8. How long have you been working in this field, and how many years of experience do your billers have?

Pathway to Hassle-Free Medical Billing


Schedule a review
of your practice

We learn where your practice stands with its existing processes during this call or in-person visit and consider
your vision and goals.


Offer solutions
that matter

As problems-solvers, we create a tailored approach to your medical billing needs and walk you through that transition step-by-step.


Experience hassle-free
medical billing

Congratulations! You can now spend your time curing the world one patient at a time while we handle billing behind the scenes.

Medical Billing That Turns Your Accounts Receivable Into Cash

Give us a call to schedule a review of your practice to analyze your current
processes and consider your vision and goals.
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