TAT Billing Services Ensures Doctor’s Offices Stay Compliant With Their Medical Billing Procedures

There will undoubtedly come a day when your medical billing procedures are audited for compliance purposes. And regardless of whether your practice has always handled those tasks internally or you’ve finally put your trust in an outsourced company, it’s imperative for your image and long-term success that you pass with flying colors. 

At TAT Billing Services in Dallas, TX, we are happy to say that our work always makes our clients look good.

The proof, as they say, is in the pudding. Several doctor’s offices we service recently passed two separate Medicare audits — one with a perfect score and the other with a 98%. This rigorous process was certainly no cakewalk, as Medicare requested complete medical notes from a random selection of processed claims. Several hundred claims were involved, and in each case, it was determined that the majority were coded correctly.

Jorge Zavala, owner and operator of TAT Billing, said, “This is more of a reflection on the doctor’s offices than us in that they are the ones being audited. With that said, we take an unbelievable amount of pride in our work, and it’s a great feeling when your clients look good as a result.”

He added, “I believe TAT’s success lies in our ability to simplify the medical billing process so doctors can get paid for the services they provide and, more importantly, spend their valuable time taking care of their patients.”

You Shouldn’t Have to Go in Circles With Your Medical Billing

Getting paid for the services you provide is paramount to the long-term success of your medical practice. But you also need to deliver superior services to your patients, and you can’t do that when you’re stuck in an endless loop of chasing down unpaid bills, deciphering uncomfortable and confusing systems, and sitting on hold with insurance companies. This can leave you in a position where you constantly leave money on the table, and the patient experience suffers immensely.

With TAT Billing Services in your corner, you can:

  • Spend more time focusing on patients
  • Reduce operational expenses
  • Improve accuracy
  • Keep your staff engaged on more important tasks
  • Improve transparency

Medical billing should be smooth, efficient, and something you don’t have to tackle alone. TAT Billing Services is an extension of your practice. We have spent over two decades helping doctor’s offices near and far get paid. We understand the value this service brings to you and your patients — all that’s left is to give us a call.

Medical Billing That Turns Your Accounts Receivable Into Cash

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